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Brain Magic The Smart Woman Podcast

The podcast by, for, and about smart women who want to use their brain magic to change the world! With interviews, life tips, and other awesome content, best friends Amanda Steinhoff and Sarah Terry cover topics including work, life, politics, writing, and other topics to bring out the brain magic in smart women like you!

Because smart goes with everything!

Feb 18, 2019

On this episode of the podcast, Sarah and Amanda go deep with one of our favorite authors, Charlotte Bronte, as we discuss side hustles. Charlotte Bronte worked as a governess while she was trying to get her writing published, and to say she hated it would be a massive understatement. But from that horrible job, Charlotte made a writing side hustle work, and she taught us a few things about putting up with a difficult workplace and believing in yourself to make side hustle into your main hustle.